Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I don't know how to put this. Which is weird cos I usually know what I need to say, so I'll try anyway. Let's just start from the beginning.

Firstly, I love Taylor Swift. I think her songs are amazing and she has a God-given gift of being able to put words together and make a beautiful song that a lot of people can relate to. I mean, when I heard 'Fifteen' and 'Breathe' for the first time it hit me smack in the face HAHA in a good way though. So yeah, I love her songs.

Recently, meaning since her new album came out, I've been obsessing over her new songs. One in particular is 'Enchanted'. It's about how she met this guy and was literally enchanted to meet him and just fell for him right there and she's hoping that the guy isn't in love with someone else. The song's so beautiful and its been consistently on replay in my playlist for at least the last 2 months and I've been singing it to myself in class and in the shower and whilst I'm doing my assignments and before I go to bed. Senang cakap it's been with me everywhere lah cos sedap gila lagu tu weh sweet sangat.

Anyway, then I found out that she wrote the song for Adam Young, the guy from Owl City. And those who know me know that I L-O-V-E Owl City.

Yup, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Owl City. Sejak Form 3 lagi. I think his songs are quirky and adorable and different and just sheer brilliance. So when I found out that she wrote the most beautiful songs for one of all-time favourite musicians, I don't know how to say it, just macam terasa yang oh my gosh sweet nya! Hahaha bukannya manusia2 tu kenal aku pun, but you gotta understand, those two, meaning Taylor and Adam, have been my favourite musicians for a long time. So like just the idea that they like each other and one of favourite songs was written for him macam alahai comel sangat. Uncanny you know.

Anyway, apparently Adam tu lampi sikit so he didn't know that the song was for him. He just thought that it was weird that the situation on the song tu dia pernah lalui with her kinda and Taylor put the word 'wonderstruck' which he uses in his blog alot, but then he finally figured it out.

Hihi he post that on Facebook :)

So after he figured it out, he wrote on his blog about it and it was so freaking adorable ohmygosh. He wrote,

Dearest Taylor,

I'll be the first to admit I'm a rather shy boy and since music is the most eloquent form of communication I can muster, I decided to record something for you--a sort of a 'reply' to the breathtaking song on your current record. This is what I wanted so badly to tell you in person but could never quite put into words:

Everything about you is lovely. You're an immensely charming girl with a beautiful heart and more grace and elegance than I know how to describe. You are a true princess from a dreamy fairy tale, and above all, I just want you to know...I was enchanted to meet you too.

Love, Adam.

AWWWWHHHHH *died twice*. SWEET SANGAT SANGAT LAH GRR. Yeah he wrote a reply song, which is 'Enchanted' slightly edited. Like the lyrics dia tukar jadi "I was enchanted to meet you too.' And he mentions Taylor's name a few times. Dengar lah kat Youtube, it's pure awesomeness.

Haha I feel like a psychotic Twihard masa dapat tahu Rob and Kristen are dating. Jadi gila sekejap. Please know that I am NOT a twihard, I hate Twilight. That's just an analogy haha. And also I don't usually give a crap about celebrities and their lives, but when I found out about this little story I just couldn't help it.

Hmm yeah and also the fact that 'Enchanted' now has an actual real application in my life makes it evermore precious. Hihi siapa yang ada masa National Novice Debate tahu lah what I'm talking about. Yeah, I was enchanted to meet him too.


Tuesday, 15 February 2011


It was really scary, cos there was a judge and the court was packed to the brim with an audience and I was the lead counsel for the respondent. But it ended up being pretty okay. Everyone did great! Months of prep right. Thank God it's over. Haha penat lah.

No more mooting for a while thank you very much.