Monday, 26 December 2011

Live and let live.

"Your day will come, the past is gone so take your time."

Well put Archie.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Once upon a time there was a man and a woman who were very much in love. They were so utterly in love in fact, that they decided to get married.

They lived very modestly together and saved up to buy a house. Things were hard in the early days. The man would have to go to work on a motorcycle early in the morning, sometimes in the pouring rain. The woman had to commute on a crammed, noisy bus to work every day too. But they didn't complain.

Their family grew when they had a daughter. Not long after they had a son, and another. They loved their children very much. There was a lot of moving around in the beginning , but every house they lived in was filled with love and laughter. Every house was a home. Even when things were difficult, they never showed it to their children, they never wanted to let them worry.

Many happy years passed and things got much easier. Their children grew up. One flew far, far away to a distant land in the hopes of being able to repay the man and the woman for everything they'd done for her. Their son went away too, but not too far. They knew this was all going to happen , their children would one day leave the nest (as some say), but that's only the physical part. The hearts of all their children are still with them at home, all the time.

We simply take for granted ,on each passing day,
The sacrifices they make for us, in their own loving way.

But then we grow to finally learn, the way that children do,
How much their love has really meant, how super awesome they've been too.

Okay okay I actually intended to make up my own little poem but my lack of linguistic artistry skills have appalled even my own self. But I did tweak the poem a little bit if you can guess which part hee.

It just so happens that the man and woman are ones that I love with all my heart and soul and I know for a fact that I would not be the person I am today if it weren't for them.

Ibu and Ayah, thank you for falling in love, staying in love and having us three crazy kids and raising us with all the love any child can wish for. You two are the awesomest parents ever and I thank Allah every single day.

We always celebrate your anniversary together as a family kan, because Ibu says a marriage works with the whole family working together, not just the parents. I love that.

Happy 20th Anniversary Ibu and Ayah. Thank you for being so super duper.
Love you.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

let felicity fly.

You got your burger, your ketchup, your pot noodle, your curly fries, your brownies, your milkshake and of course your books and papers and everything else you need. Tu semua makanan for lunch and dinner btw, bukan satu hidang je haha.

Inilah keadaan meja saya apabila sedang menggila nak menyiapkan assignment untuk Undang-Undang Kontrak aka Contract Law. I freaking detest Contract Law ugh. Tapi kena cuba untuk suka jugak 'cos exams lagi berapa minggu je. I didn't leave the room at all, percaya tak? All out nak siapkan kerja. Tu yang meja jadi tunggang langgang, everything I needed was within hand's reach, literally.

Nak tahu cerita sedih tak? I wasn't able to bring my beloved baby laptop yang Ayah belikan masa Asasi sabab right before nak datang sini sebab dia jadi tak betul. Asyik freeze je, pastu blank tetiba lah apa jadah. I had everything in there. The funny videos I downloaded (the ones that kept me sane masa tengah stress), documents, pictures apa semua tak dapat bawa datang sini D': dah panic takut I would come here and takde laptop, macam mana nak buat kerja?

Tapi tapi tapi syukuuuur sangat sebab Maybank bagi laptop yay! Alhamdulillah. Masa scholarship orientation tu we were all like, muka mengharap je dapat Mac. Tak tanya apa lagi pun tapi the sponsorship coordinator guy was like, "You guys are getting laptops, but you are not getting Macs okay!" Hahahaha one can always wish right. Tapi takpe, sebab dapat yang ni yang memory clear semua memang best sebab dia laju. Senang buat kerja.

Sekarang nak buat assignment Public Law pulak. Now Public Law is much, much more interesting so hopefully the table won't end up like that again. No promises though.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sunday, 4 December 2011

today was certainly not a fairytale.

'Cos today, sucked. So far, harini hari paling depressing and uninspiring and blargh sejak sampai sini. UNINSPIRED, to the max. Nasib baik dapat juga interact dengan kanak-kanak [hotstuff] UM hee kalau tak memang aku mati akibat depression.

I'm pretty sure it was mostly to do with the God awful weather that just strips happiness away from the soul, I swear it does. Described in 3 words --- grey, grey, grey. Tambah sikit, gloomy. And wet. And windy. And GREY. Ugh. Maka bermula lah homesickness tahap gaban. Call Malaysia dapat cakap dengan parents and sibs and cuzzies sumpah rindu, lagi sedih :(

I feel like posting pictures today lah. Skype is a God-send, as you can witness below.

Makcik-makcik bawah ni pun dah skype (except Imeng, cepat weh nak tengok your face lah rindu!) tapi gambar tak clear. Which just means we have to skype summore yayyyy! HAHAHAHAH InsyaAllah nanti eh bila kita semua free. Susah betul nak cari masa sesuai. 8 hours is too big a time zone jump. Aku baru nak bangun korang dah nak habis sehari dah haha.

I miss everyone, more and more each day. Sigh.

Friday, 2 December 2011

3 am

*Staying up 'til the wee hours of the morning to finish some random piece of legislative coursework that seems to make no sense whatsoever.*

I finally feel like a law student.