Tuesday, 20 September 2011

waving goodbye.

Things have been going by really fast, and there's still a lot to get through for the Welcome Week. The Law School has programs planned to the brink, but I'm having fun.

People here have been really friendly, so far. My hall is really serene and peaceful. The food's awesome.

Actually banyak nak cakap, tapi tak boleh nak cakap sekarang. I'm okay though. Adjusting to the weather and the people and the fact that I'm a zillion miles away from home.

Skype dengan Ibu and Ayah tu pasti.

I do love the whole notion that the classes I'll have that start at 10am tu kira AWAL, so they're all like, 'it's okay if you can't make it that early, we understand.' HAHAHAHAHA cool gila. Pukul 10 kira awal?! Haaaaaa terbaik. I shall take that.

More to come InsyaAllah.

Uuu pastu kan, baru baca ni. Terharu lah :')

Thanks dear ones!

Friday, 16 September 2011

oh my gosh. i'm really here, it's really happening.


Monday, 12 September 2011

remember to breathe,

19. Yup pretty great. As everyone realises, it's the last year where one is officially a teen. Time to leave the confusing world of teenagehood and enter the mature messed up world of adulthood.

Oh crap I am so not ready for that.

I still feel like I'm 10. It's quite sad really. Rasa macam tak grown up pun lagi. Guess I just expected 19 to be, uhh, different. 'Cos you know when you're 10, you look at the kakaks and abangs who are 19 and you're like woah - besar nya diorang. Aku tak rasa besar pun. Hmph.

My sweet sweet bestie poreber and eber buat blog post for me, cos she's so awesome. I'm so lucky :'D ni blog dia cehh padahal kat tepi ni ada.

I had a really simple birthday celebration. Just kinda lepak-lepak makan-makan with ze family. I think sebab busy settle kan barang semua, takde masa nak fikir pasal birthday sangat pun. Aunties and uncles and cousins came over and we did what we do best, eat. We ate A LOT. Then buat solat hajat ramai-ramai, then had cake.

Simple kan? I really liked it. Spending time with the family because lepas ni mungkin lamaaa tak jumpa.

Then again technically I did have 3 cakes, 'cos masa raya dapat 2 Baskin Robbins cakes, one for family birthdays in September and one for the cousins yang akan sambung degree. Kinda celebratory macam tu lah, bagi samangat kat the little cousins. (Masuk university = Makan cake) hahaha. So takde lah simple sangat kot.

Oh but the cherry on top of an already awesome birthday sundae was when I got to meet Maria Elena. Hee yeah, the blogger yang cool gila nak mampus tu. An awesome surprise. Coincidence and luck played their roles sangat sangat 'cos on my birthday tu kena pergi wedding my mum's uncle's cucu - or something of the sort- and turns out the bride is friends with her so she gave a speech and everything. Aku apa lagi, serbu lah lepas tu hahahaha and she was so friendly and gilagila baik.

Yknow bila kita tengok orang yang jadi macam tak betul bila jumpa orang dia suka kita rasa macam, hek elah lepak lah, jumpa 'xxx' pun nak kecoh. Cuba relaks. Tapi I was like, starstruck sikit lah. Lame kan. Tapi macam couldn't help it. Memang suka dia pun. Kalau ada orang record masa aku jumpa dia tu homaigosh I must have acted like a complete doob. She was still lovely though.

Anywaysss, I'm thinking about this other perspective regarding birthdays. Courtesy of a family friend. Kenapa bila birthday kita, kita celebrate diri kita? Think about it. Yes okay it's the day we entered the world so nak celebrate diri sendiri bla bla bla kan. Tapi cuba fikir balik, on that day, however many years ago, our mothers were in labour. They were in freaking pain, torture. Nak meneran kita bagi keluar. If anyone should be celebrated on our birthday, it's our mothers.

Ya tak?

Kenapa nak celebrate diri sendiri? We didn't really do anything pun. We didn't suffer in agony, our mums did that. What did we do, honestly. Society's got it wrong. It's just a way of looking at it, but I think it's a pretty awesome angle to see it in. Kan. Haih kenapa I wasn't told about this before my birthday. Hmm takpe, next time I'm gonna do it differently ya Ibu InsyaAllah.

And thank you for seeing me my lovelies at UiTM Shah Alam. I'll post the pictures up in a private album nanti eh. Twas awesome seeing you guys. Wish I could make time to see everyonee . Yang kat UM, UKM, UUM, UIA semua. Tapi the schedule I'm on is preventing that.

Oh and thank you all the sweeties for the calls and text messages. I really appreciate it :")

Thursday, 8 September 2011

reality is a lovely place to be.

Sampai hati kau, aku dah nak pergi dah. Tunggu sikit je lagi tak boleh ke hah? Sikit je lagi, aku nak sampai dah. Kat situ, memang kat situ. Minggu depan datang lah balik, please. Prettyplease.

Hahahah I'm so pathetic sometimes. But honestly this does hurt a little, no a lot. Pfft. You better come back.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Someone's 19 today. Someone's also starting her journey to becoming a dentist today. An awesome dentist who'll give me free consultation ngeh ngeh.

Hee happy 19th birthday nur iman amin-tai yang comel sangat sangat.

I'm so proud of you lah babe. You proved to people that if you really want something, you can work hard and get it. Hamik kau 4 flat memanjang aje dia. Then, dapat offer untuk first choice dia and dapat pursue her dreams. That's awesome.

I miss our Addmaths tuition sessions dengan Aunty. Main2 gelak2 minum air je, tapi dia still boleh score kan. Grr tere sangat tau. Memang your brain was designed for Maths and Science stuff weh.

Don't forget me okay. Aku akan rindu kau macam gila nanti aku tahu, sebab masa asasi pun aku dah rindu kau. Kahwn cepat2 eh, aku chop nak kipas kau at your wedding nanti hahaha.

I love you dear. Happy 19th :)

Sunday, 4 September 2011

I'm not afraid anymore.

Actually no, I'm still terrified.
Pictures later kot eh.