Monday, 26 December 2011

Live and let live.

"Your day will come, the past is gone so take your time."

Well put Archie.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Once upon a time there was a man and a woman who were very much in love. They were so utterly in love in fact, that they decided to get married.

They lived very modestly together and saved up to buy a house. Things were hard in the early days. The man would have to go to work on a motorcycle early in the morning, sometimes in the pouring rain. The woman had to commute on a crammed, noisy bus to work every day too. But they didn't complain.

Their family grew when they had a daughter. Not long after they had a son, and another. They loved their children very much. There was a lot of moving around in the beginning , but every house they lived in was filled with love and laughter. Every house was a home. Even when things were difficult, they never showed it to their children, they never wanted to let them worry.

Many happy years passed and things got much easier. Their children grew up. One flew far, far away to a distant land in the hopes of being able to repay the man and the woman for everything they'd done for her. Their son went away too, but not too far. They knew this was all going to happen , their children would one day leave the nest (as some say), but that's only the physical part. The hearts of all their children are still with them at home, all the time.

We simply take for granted ,on each passing day,
The sacrifices they make for us, in their own loving way.

But then we grow to finally learn, the way that children do,
How much their love has really meant, how super awesome they've been too.

Okay okay I actually intended to make up my own little poem but my lack of linguistic artistry skills have appalled even my own self. But I did tweak the poem a little bit if you can guess which part hee.

It just so happens that the man and woman are ones that I love with all my heart and soul and I know for a fact that I would not be the person I am today if it weren't for them.

Ibu and Ayah, thank you for falling in love, staying in love and having us three crazy kids and raising us with all the love any child can wish for. You two are the awesomest parents ever and I thank Allah every single day.

We always celebrate your anniversary together as a family kan, because Ibu says a marriage works with the whole family working together, not just the parents. I love that.

Happy 20th Anniversary Ibu and Ayah. Thank you for being so super duper.
Love you.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

let felicity fly.

You got your burger, your ketchup, your pot noodle, your curly fries, your brownies, your milkshake and of course your books and papers and everything else you need. Tu semua makanan for lunch and dinner btw, bukan satu hidang je haha.

Inilah keadaan meja saya apabila sedang menggila nak menyiapkan assignment untuk Undang-Undang Kontrak aka Contract Law. I freaking detest Contract Law ugh. Tapi kena cuba untuk suka jugak 'cos exams lagi berapa minggu je. I didn't leave the room at all, percaya tak? All out nak siapkan kerja. Tu yang meja jadi tunggang langgang, everything I needed was within hand's reach, literally.

Nak tahu cerita sedih tak? I wasn't able to bring my beloved baby laptop yang Ayah belikan masa Asasi sabab right before nak datang sini sebab dia jadi tak betul. Asyik freeze je, pastu blank tetiba lah apa jadah. I had everything in there. The funny videos I downloaded (the ones that kept me sane masa tengah stress), documents, pictures apa semua tak dapat bawa datang sini D': dah panic takut I would come here and takde laptop, macam mana nak buat kerja?

Tapi tapi tapi syukuuuur sangat sebab Maybank bagi laptop yay! Alhamdulillah. Masa scholarship orientation tu we were all like, muka mengharap je dapat Mac. Tak tanya apa lagi pun tapi the sponsorship coordinator guy was like, "You guys are getting laptops, but you are not getting Macs okay!" Hahahaha one can always wish right. Tapi takpe, sebab dapat yang ni yang memory clear semua memang best sebab dia laju. Senang buat kerja.

Sekarang nak buat assignment Public Law pulak. Now Public Law is much, much more interesting so hopefully the table won't end up like that again. No promises though.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sunday, 4 December 2011

today was certainly not a fairytale.

'Cos today, sucked. So far, harini hari paling depressing and uninspiring and blargh sejak sampai sini. UNINSPIRED, to the max. Nasib baik dapat juga interact dengan kanak-kanak [hotstuff] UM hee kalau tak memang aku mati akibat depression.

I'm pretty sure it was mostly to do with the God awful weather that just strips happiness away from the soul, I swear it does. Described in 3 words --- grey, grey, grey. Tambah sikit, gloomy. And wet. And windy. And GREY. Ugh. Maka bermula lah homesickness tahap gaban. Call Malaysia dapat cakap dengan parents and sibs and cuzzies sumpah rindu, lagi sedih :(

I feel like posting pictures today lah. Skype is a God-send, as you can witness below.

Makcik-makcik bawah ni pun dah skype (except Imeng, cepat weh nak tengok your face lah rindu!) tapi gambar tak clear. Which just means we have to skype summore yayyyy! HAHAHAHAH InsyaAllah nanti eh bila kita semua free. Susah betul nak cari masa sesuai. 8 hours is too big a time zone jump. Aku baru nak bangun korang dah nak habis sehari dah haha.

I miss everyone, more and more each day. Sigh.

Friday, 2 December 2011

3 am

*Staying up 'til the wee hours of the morning to finish some random piece of legislative coursework that seems to make no sense whatsoever.*

I finally feel like a law student.

Friday, 25 November 2011

chill pill.

There's more. There's way more.

But I should probably get to doing my Legal Methods essay right about now, heh just a minute. I'm kinda busy, staring at the screen, looking at what can only be described as near perfection. Oh and you know the second picture up there, I was practically crying looking at that one.

HAHAHAHAHAH okay that is so sad. Yes it's been a while tak meng-Gubler kan diri. I was watching the latest episode of Criminal Minds cos sumpah dah lama gila tak tengok I don't even know where I left off. Catching up with the doctor there, Dr. Reid uuu how you blow me away.

Gosh. Forgive the pathetic-ness.

Oh kecomelan. See the part where he immediately says, 'Kids!' macam spontan sangat aduih geram. Where can I find me one of these? Tesco ada jual? Pff.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

and you'll be out of ideas pretty soon.

I accidentally left the milk out for a few hours the other day. And it got all weird dah tak boleh minum. So alang-alang dah memang tak boleh minum, I was so curious to see what would happen if I left it out for a little bit longer. By little, I mean 5 days hihi. Lo and behold, mouldy watery clumpy milk! Cool sangat. Kalau kat sekolah dulu buat experiment seronok macam ni mesti aku pay attention kot. Hampeh.

Apparently if you leave it out long enough, ada possibility akan meletup. How awesome would that be?! Cuma nanti bilik bau macam kandang so takpe lah saya buang je. That's my little science thing done. Tut tut.

Oh and look look I decorated my board with lots of pictures of people I love. Still under construction though, banyak gambar nak tukar-tukar tempat and tak print lagi. I like it though, I like it a lot.

I like opening the door and seeing happy faces of people I care about (and hopefully care about me). The warm smiles of each of them give me strength, every day. Hee.

Monday, 14 November 2011

pillar of strength.

I wish you could stay here with me sampai habis degree. Sampai habis semua ni. Kenapa kena balik Malaysiaaaaaaaa ala duduk je lah kat sini teman kan orang grr.

My daily source of wisdom and inspiration. I love you Ibu.

Oh and btw, why do I look absolutely nothing like you? Is there something you need to tell me hahahah. In Ibu's own words, " look like somebody I picked up off the street!" Sad, but true. Genetics orang Taiping ni tak kuat lah nampak nya.

Still love you though.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Then we wandered home.

Gambar kurang clear. Tapi basically what happened was:

1) Ibu masak ayam masak merah and sayur campur for me and Mira to eat yay! So she made extras for me to take back to my lovely neighbours Charlotte and Phil back at my hall.

2) Balik hall, panaskan lauk, masak nasi then offer diorang makan makanan Malaysia cehh.

3) Saya ajar diorang makan dengan tangan! Hello mat salleh mana lah pernah makan nasi suap dengan tangan. Being the sporting people that they are, they happily tried.

4) Rice spilt everywhere haha. So lepas tu kesian nak makan pun susah, diorang pun makan dengan fork and knife.

5) HABIS LICIN pinggan diorang! Phil yang mula-mula nak nasi separuh je duk tambah nasi, and Charlotte kept saying "That was heavenly." Awh :')

Tinggal ayam seketul for my breakfast haha. Next time, I'm cooking hihi. Yes I can cook okay, just not very well.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Take me somewhere nice.

I'm back in Manshestah yay! Rindu lah pulak. Yes I was in Rome for about 5 days, and it was an unbelievable experience.

Actually kan, pergi pun macam by chance gila. Ibu had a conference there, and she asked if I wanted to go meet up with her there. Memang lah nak, tapi I said no lah kan cos ada kelas. Pastu tengok-tengok the week she went was my mid-sem break ngahahah oh yeah don't you just love when things like that come together so beautifully hee. Dapat jumpa Ibu after berbulan-bulan merindu AND AND dapat pergi a city I've only seen in pictures and movies and envisioned from books. Memang tak sangka akan dapat pergi.

Ibu and I stayed at this cute little B&B, Orti Di Trastevere in south Rome and the owners baik sangat. Brothers Maurizio and Eduardo. They were so helpful and kind and welcoming.

Rome is gorgeous. I've wanted to go since forever. Masa sekolah dulu belajar History of the Romans and all, memang hati ni tertarik sangat nak tengok the ancient ruins and the beautiful little buildings. Romans were such fascinating people. Cara hidup diorang, how they dressed, what they ate, how they built freaking huge buildings, kekejaman Emperors, the gory torture methods they used on traitors and enemies, the scandals in the city, menarik gila kot. Really fascinating stuff tau.

Dah mimpi-mimpi nak tengok the Colloseum. All the gladiator fights they held there. The place is ginormous. Like, omg besar gila nak mati. Tak boleh bayang kan how they built that thousands of years ago. Pantheon pun dapat pergi.

Oh and due to the fact that I am 'a bit' of a Dan Brown fanatic, memang Angels and Demons lah weh! Omg I was like on cloud 9 bila dapat pergi semua tempat dalam buku tu. Target memang nak pergi all the sites Robert Langdon was at. Piazza Navona, St. Peter's Square, Trevi Fountain and all the rest. It was amazing. To be there, physically there. Not just imagining it. Ya Allah.

Then Ibu and I went to Ostia Antica, which is like an old Roman port city that's only ruins now. Tinggal batu-bata je. But it's pretty much in tact dari segi layout. Ada cemetary, theater, apartments and shops. Haih manusia-manusia zaman dulu memang sophisticated sangat, it's awesome.

We had real Italian food in Italy! Spaghetti, pizza, gelato all hand made by Italians. That was cool. Makan makanan yang memang invented there, rasa memang lain lah. The pizza oh my gosh the pizza.

Ohh and one more thing yang macam woah sikit. Italian men, Ya Rabbi indah nya ciptaan Tuhan. Memang terdiam beberapa kali lah senang cakap. There was this one time, we had to cross this particularly posh street cos nak pergi Spanish steps, and lalu tepi this guy yang macam, macam mana nak cakap eh? You know those models you see on the runway who model for like Armani and Gucci apa semua tu, hah macam tu lah. He was so so so tall, and impeccably dressed in this like office suit and was so smart and cool and macam gaaaaahhhh. Tergamam weh, macam lalu tepi tu terdiam sekejap. Dalam hati rasa macam 'haihh kalau lah kau Islam, memang kau flawless kot.' Hahahahah okay dah dah gila sikit sorry.

ANYWAY, yes Rome was lovely. Macam childhood fantasy come true dapat pergi. Seriously. And how it was all unexpected, and I got to make the trip with my awesome Mum made it even more special. Love you Ibu.

She's with me in Manchester now. Staying over to see my place. Dah bawak tour city, my Law school, my hall semua. It's nice that she knows what my place is like. Rasa comfortable. We spent our Raya on a plane sadly, breakfast Raya makan cheese sandwich --' sumpah sedih. Haha tapi memorable.

I wish I could write in more detail, tapi mengantuk lah. I've actually just finished re-writing my notes. Yes that's how I study in case you didn't know. Dah buat notes, buat lagi sekali. Macam takde kerja kan nak tulis-tulis balik, but masa Asasi it worked lah jugak sikit hahaha. Sebab bila berkali-kali tengok benda sama sampai rasa nak muntah memang akan ingat lah. We'll see if it works here, tengah experiment with studying techniques.

Banyak kerja dah sekarang. Work hard, play hard. InsyaAllah boleh. Having Ibu here's giving me semangat though. Yeah let's do this!

Btw, Tg I know how we planned to go to Rome together one day kan. We will okay. Amin. Nanti kita jalan sama-sama eh. We go with Nadiayam and Jaja and Hunnymadu and Lisaliso. It'll be the bomb. I miss you.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Tak sangka rupa-rupa nya ada jugak orang yang baca blog ni. I mean, selain daripada the "bright lights" on the side bawah ni, I didn't think anybody else read this blog.

Hahahah okay. Thanks. Rome, here I come!

Monday, 31 October 2011

In another life this might have been.

I'm touched. I'm flattered. I'm honoured.
I'm also really, really sorry. Unfortunately, it's just how it is. I hope we'll still be okay.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

now my worries are gone.

I'm supposed to be finishing an essay tapi tengah break sekejap sebab otak dah blur macam nak gila. So just nak cakap that my dear sweet adorable super dee duper friend Aliah Selamat made a video for me. Like a proper video, with music and pictures and animation semua tu (tak sangka dia tere buat pulak ahaha) and omg omg omg dah menangis macam apa dah aku tengok weh.

I've never had anyone like literally take their time make a video for me. Nak kumpul gambar, edit, tambah lagu, potong sana potong sini, Ya Allah sumpah terharu sangat tak tahu macam mana nak cakap.

I'd put it up to share her awesome masterpiece here, tapi dalam video tu ada gambar rambut kami berterbangan situ sini hahahah. Ya lah dah room mates mesti lah camwhoring selalu. Hidup kolej Mawar ngahaha.

I love you Aliah, I'll say it a million times. And Aina you too. Berpisah kita bertiga kan, sumpah sedih. We'll meet up when I get back to Malaysia nanti eh. WAJIB!

I got a few snapshots of the really sweet parts in the video that really got the tears flowing. Bayangkan baca benda ni pastu background lagu Count On Me by Bruno Mars tu. Tak basah pulak muka dengan air mata dibuat nya.

WAAAAAAAAAAAA :''( I'm tearing up again just writing this.

I love you beautiful. Jangan lupa kat aku ni tau. Jauh di mata, dekat di hati ecece. Kisses and hugs to the both of you lovely darlings. SKYPE ada okay. Dah dah aku nak buat kerja ni kalau duk tengok muka korang habis basah kertas ni.

Love you.

Sunday, 16 October 2011


1 month! I have survived here for officially 1 month!

Wah, ini macam kena celebrate je. I didn't breakdown rindu Malaysia dan semua yang sewaktu dengan nya. Yay! Macam tak percaya pun ada jugak tau. Pejam celik dah sebulan aku kat sini. What have I been doing actually? Duk termenung je rindu family and friends ahaha. Tak lah. Alhamdulillah.

Still have things that I need to sort out. Hopefully boleh settle kan cepat. Pening kepala.

And omg I need to study. Shit. Takde mood nak bukak buku lah. Uninspired gila. Gedik kan, study pun nak inspiration lah tahapa jadah. Tak sedar diri. Maybank bagi warning nanti baru tahu haa dah dah tak nak fikir macam tu. First class mari hihi.

Oh and Rome tak payah lah violence and riots macam tu dah eh, please.

Monday, 10 October 2011

sweet dreams that we knew so well.

Wow it's been a while yes? Hmm haa. Entah lah, every time terasa nak tulis otak jadi blurred up and macam, entah. Ni pun macam tulis atas desakan orang (ahaha Tg :) Anyway yup I'm here now so let's see what random words I can put together to make sentences.

Yes I am in Manchester! Haha gila. Tapi betul. I've been here 24 days roughly. Ya Allah, 24 days dah. Nearly one month. Shoo that went by fast. Things have just been pretty hectic. Settling things like accommodation, classes, winter clothes and whatnot. Dah lah cuaca kat sini, Ya Rabbi. It's cold, yup very cold. And the fantastic thing is it's only getting colder. Tapi kan, I don't really mind. Except for the fact that my skin gets like dry and that, I like it cold. Sebab boleh bundle up in lots of layers which I actually like. And boleh bundle up bawah duvet tepi heater so macam, best.

I think it still hasn't sunk in that I'm here. By myself. No relatives nearby. No close friends. I'm having to make friends from scratch. Macam asasi lagi sekali. So if it's like asasi, I hope I make some awesome friends like I did back then. I knew I always wanted to have this experience, I guess I just never thought about how I would really feel if it really happened. This is scary.

But God has given me blessings. Things that have made it easier to handle being here. Alhamdulillah. Ada teman se-Law, hee Mira I'm so glad you're here witb me. Walaupun masa asasi tak pernah tegur, we're together now kan haha. And the seniors here are friendly. So welcoming. And my hall mates are so lovely. And I've met some awesome people in the lectures so kelas memang seronok sekarang.

I'm still adjusting though. I don't think I'll stop adjusting for a while. Skype and call Ibu and Ayah memang wajib. They keep me sane, honestly. They're the ones who keep me going. Haih okay tak nak tulis pasal parents nanti menangis kang masalah pulak tak tidur aku malam ni ish.

So yeah lectures have been pretty okay. The lecturers are super supportive, always making sure kita actually faham apa benda diorang merapu kat depan tu so they have question sessions and dialu-alukan untuk pergi jumpa diorang. One of my lecturers, the one I have for Public Law I and Constitutional Law, Dr Rodney Brazier, was apparently advisor to the Queen or something dulu so mamang dia sangat pakar bidang tu. Rasa macam rugi kalau tak petik at his brain kan.

Hmm tu je kot buat masa ni. I miss my family. I miss my friends. Oh and I wanna say thank you tau to the awesome people who sent me off kat KLIA haritu. Sumpah terharu sangat korang sanggup datang :') tak sangka gila. I look at the pictures and watch the videos all the freaking time - which doesn't exactly help me miss you less haha tapi makes me feel better.

I will come home.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

waving goodbye.

Things have been going by really fast, and there's still a lot to get through for the Welcome Week. The Law School has programs planned to the brink, but I'm having fun.

People here have been really friendly, so far. My hall is really serene and peaceful. The food's awesome.

Actually banyak nak cakap, tapi tak boleh nak cakap sekarang. I'm okay though. Adjusting to the weather and the people and the fact that I'm a zillion miles away from home.

Skype dengan Ibu and Ayah tu pasti.

I do love the whole notion that the classes I'll have that start at 10am tu kira AWAL, so they're all like, 'it's okay if you can't make it that early, we understand.' HAHAHAHAHA cool gila. Pukul 10 kira awal?! Haaaaaa terbaik. I shall take that.

More to come InsyaAllah.

Uuu pastu kan, baru baca ni. Terharu lah :')

Thanks dear ones!

Friday, 16 September 2011

oh my gosh. i'm really here, it's really happening.


Monday, 12 September 2011

remember to breathe,

19. Yup pretty great. As everyone realises, it's the last year where one is officially a teen. Time to leave the confusing world of teenagehood and enter the mature messed up world of adulthood.

Oh crap I am so not ready for that.

I still feel like I'm 10. It's quite sad really. Rasa macam tak grown up pun lagi. Guess I just expected 19 to be, uhh, different. 'Cos you know when you're 10, you look at the kakaks and abangs who are 19 and you're like woah - besar nya diorang. Aku tak rasa besar pun. Hmph.

My sweet sweet bestie poreber and eber buat blog post for me, cos she's so awesome. I'm so lucky :'D ni blog dia cehh padahal kat tepi ni ada.

I had a really simple birthday celebration. Just kinda lepak-lepak makan-makan with ze family. I think sebab busy settle kan barang semua, takde masa nak fikir pasal birthday sangat pun. Aunties and uncles and cousins came over and we did what we do best, eat. We ate A LOT. Then buat solat hajat ramai-ramai, then had cake.

Simple kan? I really liked it. Spending time with the family because lepas ni mungkin lamaaa tak jumpa.

Then again technically I did have 3 cakes, 'cos masa raya dapat 2 Baskin Robbins cakes, one for family birthdays in September and one for the cousins yang akan sambung degree. Kinda celebratory macam tu lah, bagi samangat kat the little cousins. (Masuk university = Makan cake) hahaha. So takde lah simple sangat kot.

Oh but the cherry on top of an already awesome birthday sundae was when I got to meet Maria Elena. Hee yeah, the blogger yang cool gila nak mampus tu. An awesome surprise. Coincidence and luck played their roles sangat sangat 'cos on my birthday tu kena pergi wedding my mum's uncle's cucu - or something of the sort- and turns out the bride is friends with her so she gave a speech and everything. Aku apa lagi, serbu lah lepas tu hahahaha and she was so friendly and gilagila baik.

Yknow bila kita tengok orang yang jadi macam tak betul bila jumpa orang dia suka kita rasa macam, hek elah lepak lah, jumpa 'xxx' pun nak kecoh. Cuba relaks. Tapi I was like, starstruck sikit lah. Lame kan. Tapi macam couldn't help it. Memang suka dia pun. Kalau ada orang record masa aku jumpa dia tu homaigosh I must have acted like a complete doob. She was still lovely though.

Anywaysss, I'm thinking about this other perspective regarding birthdays. Courtesy of a family friend. Kenapa bila birthday kita, kita celebrate diri kita? Think about it. Yes okay it's the day we entered the world so nak celebrate diri sendiri bla bla bla kan. Tapi cuba fikir balik, on that day, however many years ago, our mothers were in labour. They were in freaking pain, torture. Nak meneran kita bagi keluar. If anyone should be celebrated on our birthday, it's our mothers.

Ya tak?

Kenapa nak celebrate diri sendiri? We didn't really do anything pun. We didn't suffer in agony, our mums did that. What did we do, honestly. Society's got it wrong. It's just a way of looking at it, but I think it's a pretty awesome angle to see it in. Kan. Haih kenapa I wasn't told about this before my birthday. Hmm takpe, next time I'm gonna do it differently ya Ibu InsyaAllah.

And thank you for seeing me my lovelies at UiTM Shah Alam. I'll post the pictures up in a private album nanti eh. Twas awesome seeing you guys. Wish I could make time to see everyonee . Yang kat UM, UKM, UUM, UIA semua. Tapi the schedule I'm on is preventing that.

Oh and thank you all the sweeties for the calls and text messages. I really appreciate it :")

Thursday, 8 September 2011

reality is a lovely place to be.

Sampai hati kau, aku dah nak pergi dah. Tunggu sikit je lagi tak boleh ke hah? Sikit je lagi, aku nak sampai dah. Kat situ, memang kat situ. Minggu depan datang lah balik, please. Prettyplease.

Hahahah I'm so pathetic sometimes. But honestly this does hurt a little, no a lot. Pfft. You better come back.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Someone's 19 today. Someone's also starting her journey to becoming a dentist today. An awesome dentist who'll give me free consultation ngeh ngeh.

Hee happy 19th birthday nur iman amin-tai yang comel sangat sangat.

I'm so proud of you lah babe. You proved to people that if you really want something, you can work hard and get it. Hamik kau 4 flat memanjang aje dia. Then, dapat offer untuk first choice dia and dapat pursue her dreams. That's awesome.

I miss our Addmaths tuition sessions dengan Aunty. Main2 gelak2 minum air je, tapi dia still boleh score kan. Grr tere sangat tau. Memang your brain was designed for Maths and Science stuff weh.

Don't forget me okay. Aku akan rindu kau macam gila nanti aku tahu, sebab masa asasi pun aku dah rindu kau. Kahwn cepat2 eh, aku chop nak kipas kau at your wedding nanti hahaha.

I love you dear. Happy 19th :)

Sunday, 4 September 2011

I'm not afraid anymore.

Actually no, I'm still terrified.
Pictures later kot eh.


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Such a Mystery

The hair. The eyewear. The fingers strumming so beautifully. And of course, the voice. That voice. Like a little serenading Andrew Garfield.

AHHHH nak satu nak satu nak cari satu.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


You're so awesome lah babe. So proud of you :'D

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I wonder, in the course of human history, how many instances have there been where people find themselves in a situation where they think,

"OH MY GOSH what exactly have I gotten myself into?"

Mesti tak terkira. Doii. So I am pretty sure this feeling I have is not foreign. Truth be told, I'm scared. Terrified. Freaking terrified. But excited all the same. Caterpillars are springing into butterflies in my tummy and I can't control it. I'm nervous. Anxious. Worried. God I am such a pessimist, cuba lah optimistic sikit.

Pasangkan niat yang betul. Kerana Allah. Kerana agama. InsyaAllah everything will be okay kan. It's signed and sealed now. Ibu, Ayah, it's for you too. I'll do my best, I promise.

Now if only Visas weren't so difficult to settle grr. And yes, I am grateful. Very.

p.s. ya tu baju graduasi tingkatan 5 haha. Which will also serve as baju raya this year. Yeay for recycling baju raya and saving money :D