Monday, 24 January 2011

Mini me

I went to Ibu's student's wedding kat Concorde and I met this little girl. Big whoop right, I mean so what it's a little girl. But it really is a big whoop because the little girl was the spitting image of me when I was her age! Sumpah serious tak tipu. Even Ibu said the girl reminded her of me masa kecik.

Little Nurin :)

And gambar bawah ni is me when I was Nurin's age, 8 tahun.

Haa sama kan kan! With the specs and the roundround tudung. So 90's shizz haha. I even showed it to a couple of the guys in class and they were like haah sama tapi lain gila dengan sekarang haha. Ala yang beza tudung dengan specs je, muka tak berubah pun kalau tengok betul-betul. Cehh nak bajet muda je HAHA.

Okay itu sahaja terima kasih.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

According to the years of research conducted by Dato' Dr Fadzilah Kamsah,

those born in September, a.k.a September babies, a.k.a me, have these traits:

"Sangat bersopan santun & bertolak ansur. Sangat cermat, teliti & teratur. Suka menegur kesilapan org lain & mengkritik. Pendiam tapi pandai bercakap. Sikap sangat cool sangat baik & mudah simpati. Sangat perihatin & terperinci, amanah, setia & jujur. Kerja yang dilakukan sangat sempurna. Sangat sensitif yang tidak diketahui. Orang yang banyak berfikir, daya pentaakulan yang baik. Otak bijak & mudah belajar. Suka mencari maklumat. Kawal diri dari terlalu mengkritik. Pandai mendorong diri sendiri. Mudah memahami orang lain. Daya firasat yang tinggi kerana banyak simpan rahsia. Suka sukan, hiburan & melancong. Kurang menunjukkan perasaannya. Terluka hatinya sangat lama disimpan. Terlalu memilih pasangan. Sukakan benda yg luas. Bersistematik."

Some of those definitely hit home, some definitely do not.
SITI NADIA what do you think? Hee.

Hmm boleh pakai jugak bendaala nii HAHA

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Week 7

OMG my head is spinning thinking about all the work I've got to finish.

No, I am not complaining, I'm just stating the fact that I have tonnes of assignments and speeches and forums and presentations to prepare, and helping to plan the Foundation Dinner, not to mention all the studying that I have yet to do. And I'm so looking forward to doing all the work because it makes me feel so grown up and mature! Hah, NOT.

Though being part of the Dinner Committee is kinda fun, gives me a break from all the learning stuff. Plus it's really hands on, organising work which is always fun :) Even though it does add to the workload.

Hmm nasib baik Ibu ada. I don't know, talking to her just eases everything. As hard as the day goes, I know that she's there so that makes everything better. Ya anak mak sikit saya tahu tapi suka hati saya lah sebab saya anak perempuan sulung dan anak perempuan tunggal jadi saya rapat lah dengan mak saya sebab kami boleh berbual tentang semua perkara mahupun hal-hal sensitif. Daa.

Hee even in the second semester I have my homesick moments. Especially when I get stressed. And right now I'm quite stressed, but not at breaking point yet thank God.

I love you Ibu.

Oh and thank you God for being there always, especially during MUET :)

Monday, 3 January 2011


I just finished reading Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol (finally omg I'm such a slow reader), and there was this whole intrigue with the power of The Word. So that kinda got me thinking, the word for 2010 in my opinion, is change. And no I don't mean change as in baki, i mean change as in perubahan.

I think those my age went through a whole lot of change last year. What with the end of compulsory schooling, then being thrust into the world of pre-degree education, tak kira lah diploma ke asasi ke A-level ke apa. It was scary. I mean, after being so comfortable in the same place with the people you're happy with for so many years, then having to go somewhere else and start all over again, mencuakkan tau.

But I think we all did pretty good. I know my currypuffs all did awesome for their first exams. Caya lah korang. So proud of you guys.

This year most of the peeps who are doing their foundation will most likely be furthering their respective degrees in September. Some even in new Unis. So I think 2011 will need more than one word to describe it. Actually it'll probably need 3 words, even more change.