Saturday, 28 August 2010

Kepala Keluarga Saya

My dad is bloody awesome. Seriously. Terharu sangat dengan his recent gesture. Awwwhh kakyong sayang ayah!

My dad really isn't the type who knows how to express love. It's not something he does. He doesn't know how to give random hugs (like my mum), he doesn't actually say he loves us. I mean it's not that he doesn't want to, he just isn't capable of doing all that mushy mushy stuff. It's not in his nature. Kalau nak tunggu dia peluk ke cakap dia sayang ke, kiamat dulu kot :P But he makes up for it in his own way. He's also one of the most technologically un-savvy people I know haha. Tapi takpe ayong and ibu ada to help you manage your facebook :)

When it comes to his kids, he'll do anything to make sure we have apa yang diperlukan. I know that for sure. Bukannya macam mintak apa2 semua dapat, but if it's related to studies or school he'll go all out. He'll support us 110%. He's sacrificed a lot for the family. Masa ibu sambung belajar semua, God knows everything he put himself through for the family's sake.

He put his career on hold, he dropped everything so he could be there for us. The critical times when he would go to work at 5AM, be the one who made our lunch and dinner kat rumah, then pergi kerja balik. Dah besar ni baru macam faham la semua yang dia buat dulu. Masa kecik tak perasan la kan. Orang lain nampak macam everything was so simple. Haaa if only they knew. Takpe la yang lain tu hal keluarga so I'll keep that to myself.

Haih nanti one day I'll repay everything you've done for me dad. What you've done for all of us. Kalau ayong ada duit nanti ayong treat ayah pergi those historical places you love so much OK. Janji. Amin.

I love you ayah.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Go Figure.

I don't really give a tiny rat's ass.
That's a lie.
I'm sorry.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Great Expectations

Ever watched a movie that people hyped about being very good, so you watch it influenced by whet these people say, hence you watch the movie expecting it to be really good and when you're sat in front of the screen watching it, halfway through you're thinking to yourself, 'holy crap this movie is fantastic!' ;D

YUP YUP YUP Aamir Khan did it again. He got me with Fanaa and he got me with this. It's the perfect blend of everything awesome in a movie. Haaaaa.

Thanks Syarlynna haha.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Cravings dear cravings

I had a craving. For a MacDonald's GCB. Haiyoo. I managed to persuade a couple of people to join me in my quest to FIND-A-GCB :D

So after class finished at 6pm, we literally rannn to the bus stop, hopped on, -TRAFFIC JAM-, got a cabbie to the big M, arrived before buka-puasa rush hour, ordered and waited. Azan Maghrib! Haha yeah so I took a big bite of succulent chicken marinated in delectable sauces homaigoshhhh boleh terbayangkan lagi.

So sekarang Finaz and Aliah pun dah di-introduce kepada GCB haha yeah ;)


Nak makan lagiiiii la

Saturday, 14 August 2010

I teach little kids to be vain

Yeay I'm at home and I got to buka puasa with the family <3
Ibu cooked delicious chicken and noodles (though she could cook sardine and telur goreng je pun dah sedap) and I as usual, contributed for dessert ahah cekodok pisang mari :D

Semalam I got to buka at Mak Long's place. Seriously felt like Raya coz Mak Long, Mak Ngah, Mak Njang, Mak Tam and their clan semua datang. It was so fun makan sama2 with the cousins. Haaa just makes me anticipate Raya even more haha.

So lepas terawih, me being the 'big sister' attempted to do my assignments and classwork, pastu mula lah sorang demi sorang mintak nak main game lah apa dalam laptop. But because allowing them to play online games would potentially give them a chance to wreck my laptop, webcam la jawabnya :)

These two down here are my little brothers. They're usually the Ketuas of the crazy webcam sessions with the cousins. Adik-adikku gila macam kakak meraka haha.


More cousins ;)

What can I say, I don't mind kalau kena layan kerenah budak2. They never fail to make me smile.
Can't wait for Raya with my crazy family and even moreeeeee cousins <3<3

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I'm awake

Woah I woke up like super early. What defines super early? Sempat nak sahur HAHA. Like 10 minutes before Subuh terjaga and stuffed cake in my my mouth then minum (too much) air. Woah dah lama tak sahur rasa pelik pulak. I never sahur. Can't be bothered quite honestly. Plus I find that if I sahur I end up even hungrier during the day. Tapi berkat doa Ibu yang nak orang sahur jugak sebab sunat kan, terjaga jugak and terus buat solat hajat and I didn't even go back to sleep! Gempak gak aku :P

Yupp this is the first time fasting away from home. I've always gone to a daily school so fasting means spending time with family and friends. I guess now it's just friends. Kena adjust la kan. Dah besar :) hahahaha. Macam rinduu la pulak bukak puasa with the family. Kecoh2 siapkan dinner for buka pusa then rushing pergi Terawih haish yes I'm a bit of a baby I know. Baru first day puasa dah start rindu apa la. It's pretty normal though I think. If I didn't miss them then I should be worried ;)

I also miss my girls. Haiyoo kita puasa jauh2 kan tahun ni. Dah tak together dah. Takpela. Kalau sempat kita buka sama2 eh. I miss you lot so much.


I also miss this girl. Probably too much haha. We eating2 to broken the fast in future day okay bebeh HAHAHAHA muah.

So here goes nothing. Okay something la. A whole new experince. EEE kecoh haha suka hati la :D

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

It's Here

Girls and guys, yeah I had a lot of fun just now. Totally unexpected la coz I was seriously ready to just tiduuuurrrr but I had a blast anyway. Due to certain people yang tak nak their pictures ada anywhere *yeah you know who you are*, I won't upload any pictures :P but yeah I had fun thanks guys!
Bak kata orang tu, 'lepas ni kan dah puasa' hahahaha jom kutip pahala banyak-banyak eh :)

Let's make the most of it while it's here, it could be our last kan.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Hi, again.

Ok so yes I used to blog and here I am again. After persuasion from friends hah yeah Tgrawk I love youu. And also after some deep thinking on my part I was like, OK try je la lagi sekali. Now there's internet connection everywhere even though most of the time it's freaking slooooow coz my room seems to be the only place in the whole college that can't get a decent internet connection.

So anyway like the title, a truly serendipitous moment also pushed me into trying this out again.
I stumbled across this article during class (haha memang sekarang kerja cari article untuk assignment la, presentation la, homework la) and it truly made me feel like, woah.

This lady named Jameelah Medina is an American born Muslim raised in California. She decided herself to wear the headscarf when she was 19 even though her mother disagreed for safety reasons la. So one day, when she was on the way to work, she was arrested for having an invalid train pass. During detention the officers harassed her into taking off her headscarf. She said it was her right to wear it and refused to take it off. They forced her anyway.

So after she got out, she felt completely humiliated and angry so decided to stand up for her rights. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) decided to help her with her case and filed a lawsuit against the authorities. Good for her!

What really got to me was the fact that when interviewed by an ACLU representative about why she wanted to wear the headscarf, this is what she said,

"As a woman, I felt it was such a privilege to be able to wear the hijab because it also served to remind me of my faith. I think it is difficult for people to understand how a woman can view her hair and neck as sexual parts of her body similar to her genitalia. However, this is how I feel about my hair and neck. Throughout history and literature, the hair of a woman is sensualized -- the longer it is, the better and the sexier. The woman's neck has also been eroticized and touted as an erogenous zone in literature and even in films. I did not want to be sensualized and eroticized; I just wanted to be human. I wanted to be free from unwanted advances from men, and I also wanted to feel in charge of my own femininity and create my own empowerment as the gatekeeper of my own body, not a slave to mainstream standards of beauty, and my own mind, not subject to rampant body image and self esteem issues. With all this said, it all goes back to maintaining my sense of privacy and not making public what I perceive as intimate."

And when they asked her about what the headscarf meant to her she simply said,

That totally blew me away. That statement coming from someone who lives in a society where the majority are NOT Muslims and where the physical appearance is the first thing one is judged by. She even admitted that she is very vocal in nature :) This is her.

Inspiration much! I think I as a Muslim living in Malaysia can sometimes forget the real reasons why I choose to wear the headscarf. It's just become so routine. The way Miss Medina talked about why she wears it was putting it so simply clear and it just made me proud to be a Muslim girl. She is a very strong lady and she has my full respect for that. You go girl!