Monday, 30 May 2011

All these dreams I don't recognise.

Pak Su Ammar Hakim, you're so lucky to have such an adorable little bundle of joy in the family. Raziq's so freaking comel. Aunty Iman pun akan jadi Mak Su jugak nanti grr jelesnyaaaa. I want a nephew too! But alas, saya anak sulung so I'm going to have to 'provide' the nephew for the family haha.

Tapi, I might be getting a cousin lepas raya. Okay lah tu kan.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Frozen Days We Set Ablaze,

It's hard to find people you can really connect with. Ones who won't immediately judge you if you snort or burp or tell stupid ass jokes that make no sense. Ones who'll be there. But if you do find them, these people, don't let go.

"I'm never letting go, I'm never letting go." - AY

Monday, 23 May 2011

This picnic will soon depart.

I saw this and literally 'LOL-ed' (hahaha I don't even use that term) tapi seriously teringat masa kelas Malaysian Government and Politics masa semester 1 and Law 3 masa semester 2. Half the time was like 'gosh what is Madam talking about?' or 'eh, pernah belajar ke bendaala ni?' Pastu pandang2 orang sekeliling semua macam mengangguk ye ye faham je. And I'm sitting there thinking like omg weh apakah semua ini.

The ones yang baik, especially those smart guys yang selalu duduk kat depan kelas masa lecture semangat je recap cases and dates and facts, aku ternganga kat situ macam orang ngok ngek. Aku rasa aku tak pernah pun ponteng kelas, but why are there no bells ringing in my brain? Ye lah, time masuk lecture tu lah baru nak bukak notes yang dia bagi masa awal2 semester lagi, hebat.

Good thing Madam's classes were fun, kalau tak lagi lah tahapa.

Thank God I pulled through, barely.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Drowning In A Starry Serenade.

Siapa drive pergi Putrajaya dengan kereta manual and engine tak mati angkat tangan? *WAVES HAND FURIOUSLY MACAM ORANG GILA*

Haha gedik, tapi yes it's a huge accomplishment for me cos it's the first time bawa kereta manual kat highway. Usually bawa auto je. Pastu engine tak mati not even once! Gaa so yeah, I'm very happayy. And I got to make the trip with two fantastic girls who I hadn't seen in soooo freaking long which made it all the more awesome.

See see highway uuu highway, Zufar aku bawa kat highway betul2 kali ni haha.

Thanks guys, for understanding. You know what I'm talking about. I guess I was just utterly enamoured and engrossed. Enchanted, by the beautifully overwhelming occurrences that I did not predict. In more ways than one, it was sheer perfection.

The echoes haven't stopped, nope not yet. And maybe I don't want them to.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Blend Up That Rainbow Above You.

Just a little conversation I had with one of the kids,

Teacher Alyn: (Sambil main dengan rambut budak) Teacher suka lah rambut Imran kerinting ni macam maggi comelnyaaa.

Imran: *giggles*

Teacher Alyn: Rambut Ayah Imran macam ni jugak ke? Mesti rambut dia sama kan kan.

Imran: Ayah Imran botak lah teacher.


Thursday, 5 May 2011

Imagination's Taking Me Away.

Cuba teka siapa yang buat bendaala tu? HAHAHA I know I'm sad. Tapi okay lah kan, it's not that ugly. Except for the fact that the bees look like fish -.- oh and I had to stick the days on with different paper cos I'd originally done the days' letters in caps lock which is apparently not supposed to be done for the kids cos they'll get confused.

Considering I have two left hands and I haven't done any artsy craftsy stuff since I was in kindergarten, I'm pretty happy with that. Haha loser.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

In Hospital Parking Lots.

Ini kalau Cikgu BM sekolah lama aku tengok mesti menangis. Scratch that, any Malay Language teachers who see this would probably weep their hearts out. It's a random excerpt from a conversation I read. Lain kali kalau tak nak orang baca, private kan je lah gambar2 camwhoring tu daa.

"HahAha,xkAn cikgU rAmbUt kUnEnnnn oWk niEw..hik3,jUmpE cliEnt yg nA bUat lOan la wEiii,cikgU kt sEk niEw..hehE

Of kAn kAkak pAliNg bAik kAt mUkE bUmi TUhAn niEw..apE yg adEk2 nA,btAw jEw k..akAn kU tUnAikAn,dUn wOry :)

Owh,skUnk hAndlE opEratiOn la ae..srOnok x? BEtol,ley dEal ng ompUtEy yg ncEm2..hikHik,jUst kidDing.."

I couldn't make this up even if I wanted to. Haha.

Yeah yeah she has a right to type however the hell she wants, but I also have the right to think whatever I want. And I gotta say, I'm utterly impressed. Really.

I've heard about people who type like this, but I've never encountered it like 'full blown' macam ni. Sikit2 pernah lah. Tapi sampai macam ni. I'm not saying that my writing's perfect, I mean I practice Manglish too. Terfikir, mesti penat gila kan bila tengah type pastu nak tukar saiz huruf IN THE MIDDLE OF A WORD. It takes effort. Nak tukar2 saiz huruf, nak tukar ejaan, pastu nak letak dot dot tu. Kena committed, kalau tak committed tak jadi. Ya I love Manglish see. Haha.

But girl seriously, sampai ke tahap itu. Orang nak faham pun susah. Congratulations, you've just completely destroyed the language of a whole nation. That takes guts kid.