Thursday, 28 July 2011

awake to take in the view

Isn't that the coooolest cloud you've ever seen? Macam burung tengah terbang kan. It's like Dumbledore's freaking phoenix flying over Malaysia. HARRY POTTER ALERT

Oh and I'm on facebook hiatus because, well, entah. Malas nak tulis lah. But I'll probably be back there soon hahahahampeh.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

roller coaster through the atmosphere.

Excited sikit, haha. Yeah so I met up with a very, very, VERY dear friend haritu (but that part requires it's own post later lah) and macam mana entah we ended up checking out Universiti Malaya. My friend tu dapat offer untuk study sana jugak, so we were like jom lah tengok sekejap it's only like 5 minutes away je pun.

I've actually never set foot there so I had no idea what it looked like. I've seen UKM, UPM, UIA, USM semua lah a bunch of times tapi UM tak pernah tengok hah noob gila.

And I don't know why but I've always kinda envisioned the university to be like all majestic and cool. Mungkin sebab dia macam dah lama kan. Agak dissapointed sikit lah masa sampai dekat pagar dia tu, sort of expected more though idk what exactly more is.

Tapi masa tengok the Law building, macam okay tak dissapointed dah! It's like been renovated or something so it's really quite beautiful. Plus there's tonnes of parking hahaha well actually pergi masa takde orang memang lah macam banyak parking, kereta pun takde. Daa. Tapi lepas tu lalu tepi the other faculties around campus, lagiii lah gembira Law Faculty macam tu rupa dia.

I've heard some pretty good things about this place. It was my target to at least qualify to apply for a spot to do my degree here. So when I was offered a place memang sangat gembira and bersyukur cos I know how tough the competition is to secure a place. Alhamdulillah.

Right now things are still sort of floating in the air. Hovering above my head, bobbing up and down and swaying side to side. Time will tell, it always does. But it's the waiting that just kills you, honestly.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

reverie whisper in my ear,

It's because you're awesome and every minute spent with you is one minute less I have to miss you. Ececeh.

oh and sorry terlambat sikit kan.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

I'll sail the ocean with you.

Everyone heard about the landslide that happened in Hulu Langat in May. Siapa yang tak? It was a horrible tragedy that claimed the lives of so many innocent kids. The moment it was on the news, my mum has been personally involved in trying to help them any way she can because she's awesome like that. So the whole family's involved with her too. Beli supplies, kumpul funding sendiri2, buat page kat Facebook lah apa semua to try and get some support.

So the other day when the Deputy Vice Chancellor of UKM went to hand over the money UKM had collected, dana and zakat apa semua tu, my mum was invited to go too. And I tagged along, 'cos well, why not?

There was media and press coverage. Aku pun berdiri lah kat situ tangkap gambar tepi journalists. Terasa macam journalist haha.

Masa ni I was all like, "Korang buat macam ni kat mata. Cepat lah!" They were reluctant tapi gelak2 lepas tu buat jugak. Kak Azlyn memang sewel sikit, and they know that already.

They're pushing on, and I admire them for that. I mean if they can still find a reason to smile, what the hell is your excuse?


Monday, 11 July 2011

we'll grow up sooner or later.

Chillin' with the homies haha yeah I really missed them. Lepas ni we don't know where we're gonna end up so entah jumpa ke tak lagi. Tapi ada orang tu akan ke Bristol lah pulak so memang lagi lah kena jumpa dia kan. Oh Nina Nina Nina.

This noobish get-together was lovely. That's a compliment btw guys, sebab I think kitorang semua macam noobs and that's why boleh get along so well. Tapi aku lah yang paling noob sebab haritu tak tengok Transfomers 3 lagi HAHAHA tapi aku dah tengok semalam okay and memang best best best :D

"Ice-Cube's a Muslim."
"Ice Cube. Apa tu?"

Hahaha Aina you crack us up lah.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

if the green left the grass.

Things happen that are out of your control. You've just got to accept that. Okay maybe not you, but me. I've got to accept that. Not everything will turn out how I hoped and maybe that's okay. Maybe that's better. Much better.

I mean, I can put all my effort into it, all the prayers and all my heart but it may not work out. It's not just me. The world doesn't revolve around me. Yes I know that.

Sometimes I've got to be my own superhero.

Sebab aku takde nombor handphone Superman so mampus lah aku nak tunggu dia sampai dulu pfft.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Friday, 1 July 2011

just dampen my tired eyes.

"Fatini cinta dekat Afiq, Sephia cinta dekat Idlan, Syasya cinta dekat Iman."

That line came from my 6 year old munchkin, Fatini. You can imagine I was rather shocked she told me this. Tak tahu nak respond macam mana. I mean, she's 6. Now please put yourself in my shoes, as the teacher and supposed educator for this little girl, or little girls lah kan since there's 3 of them, what would you say in response? Hahaha nak gelak memang nak gelak cos it's so cute. Tapi macam nak tegur jugak and be all mum-like and say 'Girl, you're 6! Sifir 2 pun tak hafal lagi tak payah nak cinta2.' But I didn't say that.

Sebab teringat my crush when I was 6. Ya Allah fikir balik sumpah kelakar. He was really cute. Like really cute. Kawan macam biasa je, padahal suka kan. Alas, it was not meant to be. He liked another girl. Oh well. I actually bumped into him masa tuisyen Form 3. He didn't recognise me, but I recognised him definitely. And let's just say, dah tak cute macam dulu dah --' ngeh ngeh.

Later on I thought to myself, heh this is kinda sweet. I mean, this little girl trusts me enough to tell me she has a crush on a boy. Terharu sikit :') because whatever their age, girls don't just randomly tell people when they like a boy. That's personal stuff hello. Anyway she made me promise not to tell the boy, sebab segan. So that's good. Ada rasa segan sikit which I believe all girls should have.

Yeah I remembered just how innocent it all was. I mean, we all have crushes dari kecik lagi. But that's usually all it is, a crush. At 6, you don't act on it. If you act on it macam pelik je. Pelik gila. My mum would be like, "dah gatal sangat sunat bagi habis kang," gahahaha brutal kot mak aku.

Okay I'm blabbering now tu je dah bye.