Wednesday, 29 December 2010

History was made.

Malaysia won! Hazzah yeah bby bring it. Tahniah, bangga sekejap. And and we won without the help of those perasan-hot twins. Padan muka injured lagi haha jahat sikit. Take that Indonesia. Bomoh lah sangat. But I have to say the Indonesian supporters were pretty cool, not that much booing when we got the trophy. Siap tepuk lagi, sporting ah. All in the spirit of the game right. Nice.

I mean, imagine if we had to hand over the trophy to another country, on our own turf. Like what if we had to give Indonesia the cup at Bukit Jalil. Mesti sedih gila. Kecewaaaa kot. So yeah, considering the circumstances, they were alright.

My family watched the game together which was nice family bonding time, haven't had a lot of them since being away at college. So it was lovely. We wanted to order pizza while watching them play, but apparently pekerja Dominos pun sibuk tengok bola sepak sebab orang tu kata takde delivery malam tu. Daa.

Kelakar tengok Ibu dengan Ayah menjerit macam apa. My dad, who doesn't even like football, was like screaming at the TV when the ball got near to Malaysia's goal. Like really SCREAMING. Dah la jiran aku tu orang tua haha kesian Pakcik.

So after Malaysia won, we all walked to Urat Ketin and had satay for dinner. Kelebihan rumah menghadap kedai makan itulah dia.

So now I'm home with a whole bunch of assignments to finish and books to read. My brain needs to get into focus right now. Evidently, the night is still young. I couldn't help but wonder though, Malaysia vs Spain. That'd be a pretty cool game right ;)

Monday, 27 December 2010

They make funny

So I just watched Despicable Me after what seems like forever, and homaigosh it's so awesome I wanna cry! Haha OK maybe not so much cry as maybe just tearing up slightly. It's so cool lah. I mean it's got the best comedians all rolled into this one movie so it's freaking hilarious.

It's got Steve Carell, Russell Brand, Danny McBride and Jack Mcbrayer of all people so it is so funny I was like laughing like a psycho tengok sorang2 tadi.

AND AND AND it has the cute factor. AGNES IS THE CUTEST LITTLE GIRL EVAHHHH! She's so adorable with her hair and her cute little voice. I've even downloaded the unicorn song that she sings nak buat text alert haha gila.

Oh and due to the movie's awesomeness, I am now obsessed with the minions :)

What is up with them? Seriously. Why the heck are they so annoyingly cute grr. I loved the part where they were sitting on the photocopy machine and photocopying their butts and then saying "butt" like it was the funniest word in the world. Comel gila!

Haa and I love the fact that there's like hundreds of them yet they all have individual names like Dave, Kevin, Larry, Mark and Billy haha macam adorable sangat.

Yeah I know the movie was out ages ago but I've been busy what with life and all, so lambat sikit dapat tengok. But hell yes was it worth the wait.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Welcome to the club you awesome person you.

About time too :)

Ja, you're super dee duper and don't you ever ever forget that.
Masuk2 masa form 5 macam dah lama je sekolah kat JESS dengan your selamba style, cool sangat tau. I can still remember the first time we actually spoke too.

I said, "Hi, I'm Azlyn"
You said, with that huge adorable smile of yours, "Hajar."
And we shook hands. Ceh.

And the rest is history. What are the chances that we end up doing our respective courses in the same institution kan kan. Dah lah tu, offer matriculation pun dua2 dapat kat Selangor haha. I love the lunches and dinners we have when we're both free, though dua2 selalu busy.

Ingat tak those times kita semangat pergi those SKOR A thingymajiggies at the museum with Ammar and Gummi, and the ADDMATHS seminar whatsit dekat UKM tu. Dapat bilik macam chalet padahal daftar lambat. Awesomeness.

You're fantastic. You bring joy when you're around and everyone loves you for that. I'd like to quote Mr. Mars over here and say that,

"..when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for a while
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are."

Stay fabulous Ja :D
Loveyou missyou gladimetyou.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Baby steps

Put a class of law foundation students in an Economics lecture and you get a sea of blank faces and gaping mouths. And a whole load of laughs too. Haha. We'd had about 3 or 4 lessons for Microeconomics and today we started Macroeconomics and let's just say, it was interesting. Yeah.

Our lecturer started explaining all about national income, marginal propensity to consume and autonomous consumption which was OK sort of. But then she taught us using FORMULAS like AD=AS and C=a+bYd and Yd=Y-T and the whole class kinda just burst into laughter! Seriously it was hilarious. Semua orang macam,
"eh add maths!"
"eh formula la"
"apa benda kira2 ni"
"tahape benda la ni"

Haha sumpah lawak. I think it's cos most of us kinda thought that law had no relation whatsoever with graphs and formulas and equations, sekali amik kau.

I needed to commemorate the moment. That's Aina, happy dapat belajar :)

Haha tak tahu lah. InsyaAllah I'll have time to understand everything. Right now, everything's very blurry.

Oh yeah last weekend my uncle and auntie (pak tam and mak tam) invited me to be a facilitator at the English for Young Muslims (EfYM) that they were doing at the Dewan Antarabangsa UiTM, which happened to be right next to my college. Mula2 macam taknak sebab ada "hal", tapi like I couldn't resist. Dah dekat sangat. So what the hell, pergi je.

Aku macam tak sedar diri kena baca buku. Hey, life's all about balance OK, and last weekend was truly a test of maturity. Trying to balance everything --- work, work, study, sleep. It was weird, but worth it. Gambar tak banyak, tapi yeah, seronok :)

Nak camwhore kat the ladies' room jugak haha. Don't you just love the Arabian scarf, for facis only OK ;)

The other facilitators. Crazy people

Anak2 buah Coach Azlyn! Haha this was my group, Sumaiyah

Baby cousin Sarah who I love to bits and bits

My lalings semangat buat the mosque for the MyMasjid activity. Isn't it the coolest mosque ever! Inspired by the flower. It's on it's own island, and has a huge library, gyms, swimming pools (separated of course), parks, a gift shop and a tourist boat. It's fully solar powered and uses natural energy. It's freaking awesome :D

Friday, 17 December 2010


My lovely dovely friend Ja was telling me over lunch a couple of weeks back that she heard a song on the radio yang ada dia cakap "sweet serendipity". And I was like eh ada ke lagu lirik macam tu, tak pernah dengar pun. I chose that phrase pun sebab pernah dengar kat mana entah tapi suka lah.

And being the awesome Ja, she posted the link on my Wall and true enough - Sweet Serendipity by Lee DeWyze. I'm kinda rushing sikit sekarang so can't (be bothered to) upload the video, but I'll put up the link.

Dengar lah lagu dia, sedap :)


Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I was thinking

I have this friend. This awesome friend. Her name is Tengku Nur Syairah. I'm not gonna spell her dad's name takut salah lagi sekali haha. I've known who she is since I was in form 2, though I can honestly say that I only really knew her in form 4. We've been close since then.

Though I actually think we've gotten closer since SPM finished. I don't know, that's just my take on it. I think we talk more, and the stuff we talk about is more personal, and I'm comfortable talking to her about that stuff.

She has all these big dreams and ambitions and I admire her for that. She never shoots low, she's always aiming for the freaking sun. And yeah, I know she'll get there. That place in her gaze where everything just falls into place, because she's gonna work hard for it.

She cares. Though she might not always show it, I know she cares. She'll try to make you feel better if you're down (though it doesn't always work out that way but oh well :) Hee yeah, I know she cares. She checks up on me, makes sure I'm doing OK.

Tengku, aku tahu birthday kau dah dekat. We go makan-makan and lepak-lepak when all this shit is over and done with alright.

Let's have another Sweet 16 Birthday Celebration JOM JOM :)
I M I S S Y O U.
L O T S.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Half the Currypuff,

I love these people so much sometimes that it hurts ;)

Aku suka gambar ni coz no one's looking directly at the camera.


Saturday, 11 December 2010

Annoyance is not bliss

Why can't people be more grateful of what they have? Why must they always complain about what they don't have? If everyone was content with what they have in their life and not constantly comparing themselves to everyone else, I'm pretty sure the world would be totally different.

I mean seriously, a world with less complaining. Wouldn't that be awesome?

So you're not a fucking size 0, can't you just be happy that you're not so huge that you need to be rolled out of your bed every morning. Can't you just be appreciative enough to God that he gave you your family, friends, and a brain that can function. Or is it just excess weight that your neck is supporting?

I mean, what if fate decided to give you a tumor, or brain damage, or the loss of your legs. What if you had to live in a war torn zone with bullets being fired all the bloody time, or you had to sell your body for money, or if you had to walk 10 miles a day for water. Wouldn't that just suck?

I know I'm not the smartest or prettiest needle in the haystack (that makes no sense), but I'm now realising that I've got a lot. Not everything, but it's enough. My super supportive family who'll back me up no matter what, my uber awesome friends who are always there, and enough sustenance to keep me well away from starving everyday.

Keep comparing yourself to other people and you'll never be happy with what you have. Blinded by the illusion of what's on the outside, wake up.

I don't know, I guess this is just a reminder, to myself. Things can get pretty spasticated sometimes, but only if you let it. I now make a pledge to not be so conformed by what society thinks is acceptable. And I especially will (try to) not constantly complain about my body. As long as my clothes don't look 2 sizes too small, then I'm fine.

Kau nak kata aku gemuk, bodoh, lembab, syok sendiri ke, suka hati kau lah. It's your mouth, I am not responsible for what comes put of it.

And to think, all this stemmed from hearing too many skinny people complain about being fat =.=

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I said I'd post pictures so I've posted pictures :)

Asian British Parliamentary Debates at UPM 2010
Behind the scenes, sort of lah.

Meet Farhan :)

And Alyn --- just arrived at Serdang, from UiTM, by ourselves! Haha kecoh je lebih

They gave us t-shirts and tags yeay

From left
Norma, Kak Sufi, Me, Farhan, Murshid and Izzati

This guy's from India I think and I liked watching him debate. He refused to breathe during his speeches and it looked like at any moment his head was gonna pop. Cool gila

Girls : Farhan, Kak Sufi, me, Norma and Rosni.
Guys : Amir, Murshid, Ma'al and Eric.
Sumpah seronok lepak dengan mereka :D

This was us debating on whether Sheikh Muszaphar actually deserves the Datukship. That's Ma'al, 'Affan and Peter. It's tiring debating with a guy (Peter) who just will not listen :P haha

One of the debates. That's CFS UIA yang dua-dua berdiri tu. No comment lah haha

Ayumi and Taka, Japanese debaters from the Tokyo Uni. They were such nice people

That night we spent unpacking things from those bags, it was just brilliant. I hadn't laughed that much in ages, and honestly I really needed that. Korang memang bes ah

Eric proving that volunteering is bloody tiring work!

Dewan untuk the finals

Ni syok sendiri je, but just you wait, soon that really will be me competing at a real competition muahaha

My watch, my bracelet. He said it made him look cool, but Eric makes the bracelet look cool :P

Sir Saiful the Great! Our coordinator. He's been to so many Internationals. This guy is very cool, and he just happens to be my awesome lecturer's husband ;)

Arij. Student, debater and vice-coordinator. She gave me loads of advice if I want to really debate nanti --- and I quote "You're still young, banyak lagi peluang nak practice and you can be better than them." Awh

The guys. They're so much fun

This is Sky ( Sim Kuan Yew) I know, that's so cool. Nothing to do with the PM of Singapore, I think lah. He's a debater too. Also gave me tonnes of advice

I really want that shirt :(

And these two are the champions! Haha they're from NUS and memang sangat tere. The guy next to me is Imran and he won the Best Speaker in the tournament and he's so freaking CUTE OMYGOSH nak nangis haha

I think this picture actually deserves its own post. Aku suruh amik gambar lain, and they took my phone, snapped a (gaybo) shot and set it as my wallpaper. Apa-apa je lah ;)

And this shot made Peter, Pater the man! Hahaha awek-awek cun and seksi dari Chulalangkorn tu kata kau hot ah weh HAHAHA

I had so much fun in those few days. Watching the wicked debates, meeting such cool people. If every project meant meeting awesome people like the ones I met, I'd pitch in all the time. I'm gonna miss them no doubt.

Jom weh, kita menyibuk kat NorthSouth Uni next year. Bangladesh mari haha :D

Sunday, 5 December 2010


So I was really excited before and with good reason I think. My awesome BEL lecturer told the class about the Asian British Parliamentary Debate Championship (ABPs) at UPM this weekend (which her husband was handling) and she basically informed us so if anyone wanted to go and watch they could.

I've chosen not to be involved in the varsity debating club during foundation, but I hope to be when I do my degree InsyaAllah, so I told her I wanted to go watch the finals. Nak tengok how the pros do it kan.

The next day, she told me that there were a couple of spots open for volunteers and she asked me if I was interested to go check everything out and be a committee member, so I was like hell yes! No hesitation required there haha.

So I asked my friend Farhan, short for Nurfarhan, if she wanted to go. Knowing that she's a keen debater and all kan, I knew she'd be excited, so I was happy when I was proven correct haha. She was ecstatic! It was so cool. Masing-masing excited macam orang gila.

After some drama with timing, college court trials and moving of dates, which I honestly can't be bothered to rant about, everything fell into place. We went to UPM after Friday lectures and that in itself, with all the cab rides and commuter shifts, was an experience.

Sampai sana we met with the coordinator Mr Saiful who was really friendly, and we met with the other volunteers who were all UPM students. Some were taking Foundation in Biological Agriculture, TESL, Engineering and apatah lagi tak ingat. Mereka semua sangat welcoming. Like seriously. Awal-awal lagi pun they treated us like one of them, not outsiders. And they were so much fun to be around, but we'll get to that later. Ceh.

So yeah, volunteering basically meant keeping tabs on the debaters, the food, the rooms, being the runners for the tabbing system, making sure everything ran smoothly. I got to watch the debates too and that's when I realised that these debaters are good, like scary good. Give them 15 minutes and most of them can convince you that morbidly obese children should be taken from their parents or sex offenders should not be chemically castrated.

There were debaters from Malaysia, Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan. Some of them were cocky, they had an air of "I'M BETTER THAN YOU" surrounding them. Macam kelakar jugak. The nice ones were really nice though. Like the Japanese debaters Taka and Ayumi sangat baik.

But this was probably the most "lepak" debate competition I've ever seen. I'm so used to seeing competitions where everyone dresses formal with the blazers and ties and what not. The debaters in this competition relax je pakai skirt pendek, shorts, biker boots and ada yang masa debate tak pakai kasut pun. Tapi debate macam sial tere gila ah.

Throughout the debate I feel that the volunteers really bonded, which was unexpected. Lepak sama-sama, chit-chatting and doing work was so fun with them. We ended up hanging out as if we'd been friends for years, padahal baru a couple of days. They were the bomb. Buat lawak bodoh, cerita merepek pasal hantu pocong kat highway la tahape and the issue of whether Sheikh Muszaphar deserves the Datukship. That was funny. Seronok gila ah. Rindu.

Anywayy, the finals are on Tuesday, but I have lectures on Monday so I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it. Bukan senang nak manage transport to and from Serdang to UiTM, what with the schedule and all. Kelam kabut gila nanti. So tak tahu lah.

Sebenarnya banyak lagi nak tulis, tapi I'm kinda having a minor brain freeze right now so malas ah.

I'll post the pictures later OK.


Thursday, 2 December 2010


I 'm excited. Very excited.
I'll write more when more happens.

Yes, very excited.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


my dearies,


i'm so proud of you two. you guys did freaking great.

one more semester ok.

carry on with the awesomeness!

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

We so cool.

So this is a picture we took during the break we had when Law 2 finished early.

Spot the lecturers, yeah they're there too :)

Monday, 29 November 2010


I guess it's my fault. I can be a little cold sometimes, and I shove people away. Even the ones I actually need. I need to laugh, like I really need to laugh. More. I think I've been deprived of laughter for a while now. Oh sweet family how I miss you. My saviours, you too.

Kenapa lah sekarang pun homesick lagi ugh.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Stop being so God damn annoying lah.

Currently, I'm getting annoyed, by the littlest of things. The weather is annoying me, the attitude of some people who just don't know where to draw the line is annoying me, and of all things Facebook pun dah macam annoying. Sebab tu dah lama tak on kot haha. Whatevah.

It's kinda ridiculous I know, but I can't really control it. Ye la, siapa yang boleh control sangat emotions dia kan, you can't really make yourself feel one way about something if you really feel another. Does that make sense? Aiyya.

Entah. Maybe it's just stress. I've just started the second semester for my foundation course and HOMAIGOSH 7 SUBJEK LA BUDUSH! HAHAHAHAHAHA. We've got Economics, Social Psychology, Global Issues, Law 2 and Law 3 (which will involve Torts, Criminal and Contract Law), plus the English subjects. Grr. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited as hell. I mean, Psychology sounds pretty great kan. Just kinda overwhelmed I guess.

The fact that this semester's results plus last semester's will determine where I end up nanti is pretty scary. Malas nak online. Ni pun online sebab I've just discovered that my room gets Streamyx Wi-Fi and is pretty damn fast. Kalau tidak nak tunggu modem connection yang kelembapan just to get internet access and then probably end up melayan Facebook, I dunno, it makes me feel guilty.

Like why am I loitering around my friends' profiles just to see what they've been up to whan I could be memorising criminal cases yang akan masuk finals. Facebook masuk finals ke? Will there be a question like, "How many people did you stalk on Saturday?"

I highly doubt that. Bukannya I wanna quit Facebook cold turkey, but right now, there's no urge to log in just yet, later lah. Blogging ni pun I feel macam I'm wasting time, but hey, it's therapeutic OK so suka hati aku lah kau peduli apa haha.

It's the time I've got to absorb everything that's really freaking me out. 14 weeks je OK! Yes, by early March dah finals. So macam gila weh. December dah cuti Xmas, then dah January, pastu February skejap then boom, March. When are we supposed to find time to breathe through all of this?

Forgive my drama queen moment, I'm just scared. People tend to get crazy when they're scared.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

I'm a climber :)

Figure 8 loop.
Haul loop.
Chalk bag.

Not necessarily terms used everyday, but I learned them all today! Hee finally got the chance to learn how to do proper rock climbing, with an instructor and everything haha. Sorry, it's just always been a dream of mine to properly learn rock climbing, but due to certain issues, tak pernah berkesempatan.

So when it finally happened, I was like HELL YEAHHH!

He taught us about the equipment, techniques, emergency calls, communication semua tu lah. Nothing too hard, just enough so that we can learn how to handle it by ourselves, when we're ready :)

Had so much fun. There's this feeling of achievement when you get to the top of the wall you're climbing. Like you look down and you see the distance you climbed and it's like ohmygosh I climbed all the way to the top! A sense of accomplishment just runs through, it's really cool.

Was hoping to be able to do it more frequently, tapi nak masuk semester 2 dah so maybe I'll have to spare a few weekends so I'll be able to practice some more. Hopefully I'll get to do it again before college starts.

I don't have any photos coz it's all in the camcorder and I can't seem to find the USB cable oh well. So here's a picture of some girl who I currently hold a lot of respect for coz what she's doing is bloody hard.

Hey who knows, that could be me one day.
Cita-cita haha.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Near perfection

"I do drink a lot of coffee and eat a lot of sour patch kids though so I'm kind of a badass."

Say what you will, but that right there is sheer beauty :)

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Let's climb walls

Putrajaya Challenge Park aka Taman Cabaran Putrajaya. Been wanting to check it out since we did the flying fox kat Menara KL last year. Abang2 senior tu kata kat situ lah training center untuk sape2 yang minat aktiviti lasak, rock climbing, BMX etc. Haha.

This shot is like 1/4 of the place kot. Yeah it's HUGE.

We wanted to try out the rock climbing. Coz usually bila2 ada peluang kat outdoor events we're the first ones in line haha. So we thought we'd be able to work with the pros at the first session, you know with proper shoes, harness, rope semua tu lah. Turns out, you only get to do that once you've had proper training. Oh well.

So for beginners, they have this thing called bouldering, which is like the beginner wall. Tak payah harness, kasut pun optional. It's basically for you to get the feel of climbing the rocks and all.

And if you think you wanna go pro, if you really want to climb all the big walls, then you can sign up for the training session. They teach you the do's and the don'ts. But mainly the don'ts. Then you're free to come and climb the walls whenever you like. Macam bes je :)

Beginners, free style bby :)

Yes that's my Dad climbing the wall coz he's just awesome like that haha.

Hopefully I'll be able to get some lessons before I have to go back to college. Hee can't wait :D