Sunday, 19 September 2010

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Lean on me,

When you're not strong,
I'll be your friend,
I'll help you carry on.


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Fireworks, cakes, and too many candles :)

Salam Aidilfitri!

Yeah double the joy for me this year some say, what with the 18th birthday and all. Seriously, who even has their birthday on Raya, what more the big 1 and 8. Honestly, I gotta say I wasn’t looking forward to my birthday this year. Time Raya birthday aku siapa la nak ingat kan? The thought made me sad, just like the idea that all my friends are too busy with Raya preps that they don’t even wish me a Happy Birthday. Sumpah sedih fikir macam tu. But surprisingly, it turned out to be rather OK ;)

A BIGBIGBIG thankyou to all the peeps that called me (haha Sarah and Bella comel je korang;), texted me, Facebook semua la. Really meant a lot that even though Raya semua you guys still sempat kata selamat hari jadi and all. Sayang tau! Ooohh and makcik Imangg and Nadiayam muah love you two hee you know why haha. ‘Selamat jadi raya’ haha gila meraka yang tulis tu tapi comel :D

Raya Pertama tahun ini di Sabak Bernam :)

So the Raya days after Sabak were celebrated with the Taiping family, so I wanted a real party! Haa gila kan? I’ve never had like a real birthday party, malaaasss nak buat. Tapi tahun ni sebab ada like the whole clan ramai-ramai yang rapat jadi semangat semacam nak celebrate. I mean usually it’s just makan-makan, this time I made sure we had balloons, poppers, party string, anddd HATS! Cool kan. Haha macam budak mid-life crisis nak buat kerja gila. But it was funnn.

I wanted a birthday cake la kan, but Ibu said dah beli kat Sabak so tak payah la. Ouch, no cake? That’s just kinda sad. What’s a party without a cake? It’s like a car without a steering wheel, it’s just wrongg. Haha. So beli Vienetta and LOADS of Cornetto Minis sebagai pengganti. Rupa-rupanya Ibu had a plan of her own, she’d asked Pak Teh to buy the cake already HAHAHA great! So I blow my candles off the Vienneta and pusing belakang ada chocolate brownies lagi ;) more candles to blow out hee. Thankss Ibu.

Oh and Ayah got a cake too coz his birthday’s on the 14th of September. Lagi satu kek hah macam apa nasib baik orang ramai nak habiskan semua. And and and THANK YOU to Pak Teh for getting those super-duper-utterly-fantastic-unbeatable-legally-questionable fireworks! You're the best man seriouslyy ;)

Accidentally got balloons that said 'I love you' and 'Merry Christmas' HAHAHA apa kes tak tau la.

My third cake :D

Happy 45th Ayah! You're still young, sorta. Haha.


So anyway I had an awesome birthdayraya and I can't be bothered to type some more coz I have books to open and flip through haha so let's do the whole pictures say 1000 words thing OK :)

Raya barbecue. Gempak OK.

Cousins :)

The Kak Yongs ;)

Ayam rangup oh yeah!

More cousins.

And more cousins :)

Hee I love you, family <3

Monday, 6 September 2010

Look who's old :)


I thank God for giving me a psychotically-fantastic friend like you my dear.
Thank you for being there for me, through tebal dan nipis.
All those times you stood by me and supported my decisions though some may have been rather crappy haha.

I do hope you have fun wherever you go and achieve all those ambitions in life that you have. You're a strong, smart, independent girl and I'm absolutely positive you'll go far in life.

Thank you for all the laughs and giggles we've shared together and all the laughs and giggles we'll have in the future (I hope la :)

I wish I could be there with you.
I love you Fernando ;)


p.s. sorry jiwang semacam muahh

Sunday, 5 September 2010


"Too young to be mature, too old to be innocent."
This is just plain awkward.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Exams. Yuck.

Broadband rosak. So malas nak betulkan. Then Paksu checked it and showed me how to install and uninstall things. Sumpah baru tahu OK haha. So ni dah OK thank God coz I thought I'd have to go to a Celcom Center and ganti the modem or something which I so do not have the kerajinan to do.

Anywho this kitten was harassing me at kolej. OK that's a lie, I think I was harassing the kitten kot haha it was just sooo cuteee that I couldn't resist nak main :)

How can your heart not absolutely melt ahhhh!

Oh and classes for the first semester are officially OVER! That means dumdumdum, the finals are coming soon. How soon? 21st September haa amik kau. How to raya-raya when you feel like there's a huge bag of bricks hanging over your head. Does that even make any sense? Haha. No, seriouslyy.

So we had our last class with Mr. Choy, or it should actually be Prof. Madya Choy haha. He's pretty damn cool :D so what did we do for the last class? Berjoli la apa lagi haha. Yeah he let us play games which involved the whole class screaming, laughing, playing tic-tac-to (yeah I know I hadn't played that in so long), and making paper airplanes. Pure genius.

Thanks Mr.Choy, you're wackiness will accompany me during the exams hee.

So how does one leave for the Raya hols? One should naturally record one's memories in picture form :D

Hee thank you for the picture Syirah, gambar dalam phone aku hodohh haha.

Now on to Bangi! Sabak Bernam and Taipingg see you soon :)