Friday, 25 November 2011

chill pill.

There's more. There's way more.

But I should probably get to doing my Legal Methods essay right about now, heh just a minute. I'm kinda busy, staring at the screen, looking at what can only be described as near perfection. Oh and you know the second picture up there, I was practically crying looking at that one.

HAHAHAHAHAH okay that is so sad. Yes it's been a while tak meng-Gubler kan diri. I was watching the latest episode of Criminal Minds cos sumpah dah lama gila tak tengok I don't even know where I left off. Catching up with the doctor there, Dr. Reid uuu how you blow me away.

Gosh. Forgive the pathetic-ness.

Oh kecomelan. See the part where he immediately says, 'Kids!' macam spontan sangat aduih geram. Where can I find me one of these? Tesco ada jual? Pff.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

and you'll be out of ideas pretty soon.

I accidentally left the milk out for a few hours the other day. And it got all weird dah tak boleh minum. So alang-alang dah memang tak boleh minum, I was so curious to see what would happen if I left it out for a little bit longer. By little, I mean 5 days hihi. Lo and behold, mouldy watery clumpy milk! Cool sangat. Kalau kat sekolah dulu buat experiment seronok macam ni mesti aku pay attention kot. Hampeh.

Apparently if you leave it out long enough, ada possibility akan meletup. How awesome would that be?! Cuma nanti bilik bau macam kandang so takpe lah saya buang je. That's my little science thing done. Tut tut.

Oh and look look I decorated my board with lots of pictures of people I love. Still under construction though, banyak gambar nak tukar-tukar tempat and tak print lagi. I like it though, I like it a lot.

I like opening the door and seeing happy faces of people I care about (and hopefully care about me). The warm smiles of each of them give me strength, every day. Hee.

Monday, 14 November 2011

pillar of strength.

I wish you could stay here with me sampai habis degree. Sampai habis semua ni. Kenapa kena balik Malaysiaaaaaaaa ala duduk je lah kat sini teman kan orang grr.

My daily source of wisdom and inspiration. I love you Ibu.

Oh and btw, why do I look absolutely nothing like you? Is there something you need to tell me hahahah. In Ibu's own words, " look like somebody I picked up off the street!" Sad, but true. Genetics orang Taiping ni tak kuat lah nampak nya.

Still love you though.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Then we wandered home.

Gambar kurang clear. Tapi basically what happened was:

1) Ibu masak ayam masak merah and sayur campur for me and Mira to eat yay! So she made extras for me to take back to my lovely neighbours Charlotte and Phil back at my hall.

2) Balik hall, panaskan lauk, masak nasi then offer diorang makan makanan Malaysia cehh.

3) Saya ajar diorang makan dengan tangan! Hello mat salleh mana lah pernah makan nasi suap dengan tangan. Being the sporting people that they are, they happily tried.

4) Rice spilt everywhere haha. So lepas tu kesian nak makan pun susah, diorang pun makan dengan fork and knife.

5) HABIS LICIN pinggan diorang! Phil yang mula-mula nak nasi separuh je duk tambah nasi, and Charlotte kept saying "That was heavenly." Awh :')

Tinggal ayam seketul for my breakfast haha. Next time, I'm cooking hihi. Yes I can cook okay, just not very well.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Take me somewhere nice.

I'm back in Manshestah yay! Rindu lah pulak. Yes I was in Rome for about 5 days, and it was an unbelievable experience.

Actually kan, pergi pun macam by chance gila. Ibu had a conference there, and she asked if I wanted to go meet up with her there. Memang lah nak, tapi I said no lah kan cos ada kelas. Pastu tengok-tengok the week she went was my mid-sem break ngahahah oh yeah don't you just love when things like that come together so beautifully hee. Dapat jumpa Ibu after berbulan-bulan merindu AND AND dapat pergi a city I've only seen in pictures and movies and envisioned from books. Memang tak sangka akan dapat pergi.

Ibu and I stayed at this cute little B&B, Orti Di Trastevere in south Rome and the owners baik sangat. Brothers Maurizio and Eduardo. They were so helpful and kind and welcoming.

Rome is gorgeous. I've wanted to go since forever. Masa sekolah dulu belajar History of the Romans and all, memang hati ni tertarik sangat nak tengok the ancient ruins and the beautiful little buildings. Romans were such fascinating people. Cara hidup diorang, how they dressed, what they ate, how they built freaking huge buildings, kekejaman Emperors, the gory torture methods they used on traitors and enemies, the scandals in the city, menarik gila kot. Really fascinating stuff tau.

Dah mimpi-mimpi nak tengok the Colloseum. All the gladiator fights they held there. The place is ginormous. Like, omg besar gila nak mati. Tak boleh bayang kan how they built that thousands of years ago. Pantheon pun dapat pergi.

Oh and due to the fact that I am 'a bit' of a Dan Brown fanatic, memang Angels and Demons lah weh! Omg I was like on cloud 9 bila dapat pergi semua tempat dalam buku tu. Target memang nak pergi all the sites Robert Langdon was at. Piazza Navona, St. Peter's Square, Trevi Fountain and all the rest. It was amazing. To be there, physically there. Not just imagining it. Ya Allah.

Then Ibu and I went to Ostia Antica, which is like an old Roman port city that's only ruins now. Tinggal batu-bata je. But it's pretty much in tact dari segi layout. Ada cemetary, theater, apartments and shops. Haih manusia-manusia zaman dulu memang sophisticated sangat, it's awesome.

We had real Italian food in Italy! Spaghetti, pizza, gelato all hand made by Italians. That was cool. Makan makanan yang memang invented there, rasa memang lain lah. The pizza oh my gosh the pizza.

Ohh and one more thing yang macam woah sikit. Italian men, Ya Rabbi indah nya ciptaan Tuhan. Memang terdiam beberapa kali lah senang cakap. There was this one time, we had to cross this particularly posh street cos nak pergi Spanish steps, and lalu tepi this guy yang macam, macam mana nak cakap eh? You know those models you see on the runway who model for like Armani and Gucci apa semua tu, hah macam tu lah. He was so so so tall, and impeccably dressed in this like office suit and was so smart and cool and macam gaaaaahhhh. Tergamam weh, macam lalu tepi tu terdiam sekejap. Dalam hati rasa macam 'haihh kalau lah kau Islam, memang kau flawless kot.' Hahahahah okay dah dah gila sikit sorry.

ANYWAY, yes Rome was lovely. Macam childhood fantasy come true dapat pergi. Seriously. And how it was all unexpected, and I got to make the trip with my awesome Mum made it even more special. Love you Ibu.

She's with me in Manchester now. Staying over to see my place. Dah bawak tour city, my Law school, my hall semua. It's nice that she knows what my place is like. Rasa comfortable. We spent our Raya on a plane sadly, breakfast Raya makan cheese sandwich --' sumpah sedih. Haha tapi memorable.

I wish I could write in more detail, tapi mengantuk lah. I've actually just finished re-writing my notes. Yes that's how I study in case you didn't know. Dah buat notes, buat lagi sekali. Macam takde kerja kan nak tulis-tulis balik, but masa Asasi it worked lah jugak sikit hahaha. Sebab bila berkali-kali tengok benda sama sampai rasa nak muntah memang akan ingat lah. We'll see if it works here, tengah experiment with studying techniques.

Banyak kerja dah sekarang. Work hard, play hard. InsyaAllah boleh. Having Ibu here's giving me semangat though. Yeah let's do this!

Btw, Tg I know how we planned to go to Rome together one day kan. We will okay. Amin. Nanti kita jalan sama-sama eh. We go with Nadiayam and Jaja and Hunnymadu and Lisaliso. It'll be the bomb. I miss you.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Tak sangka rupa-rupa nya ada jugak orang yang baca blog ni. I mean, selain daripada the "bright lights" on the side bawah ni, I didn't think anybody else read this blog.

Hahahah okay. Thanks. Rome, here I come!