Saturday, 13 April 2013


Time for a facelift!

Lifting. Cheeks. Oh. No. Too. Heavy. Cannot. Lift. Anymore.

Well, there's someone who always knows what to say to make me smile and I know will always be there. Actually, dia tak cakap apa pun aku still senyum jugak. She just needs to smile and then I'll smile cos her smile is freaking contagious man omg. She's so blessed. Allah bagi dia kelebihan untuk buat orang lain tersenyum. So people love being around her.

So glad we got to spend some time together after so long Hajarjajaja. I know you'll do amazing in your studies in London. Then next year you'll graduate then we'll hear the sounds of the kompangzz kan kan miahahaha amin.

I wuv yoo sweediee. Mish you.

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